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May 18th 2011

 NAO NHS IT report

 “The Government should cut its losses and make the review of NHS IT an urgent priority”, said Julia Manning in response to the NAO report today.

“This report makes damning reading. Many hospitals and doctors have been desperate to install IT systems that are simple and that work during what has been 10 years of interference and being pushed around by the department of health.”

“The idea of everyone being linked in a central spine was never very important operationally, more a distant dream which those at the centre of the programme would never admit was unachievable.”

“IT is essential to the future of the NHS. The demand for improved patient and commissioner knowledge needs to be supported through a coherent and bold strategy. Without such we will be in danger of falling behind other countries and fail to deliver what is required.  The “Whole Systems Demonstrator” project should begin to report soon and we think Telehealth and Telemedicine will be proven to be able to be a vehicle  for  real radical change in the way we deliver health care. If so then Government and the DH need to provide a framework for providers, commissioner, and producers of technologies  to work within without dictating the means.

“In this hightec ,digital age it is inconceivable that we should return to the old ways of developing these important strategies.  An Information strategy needs to be produced that builds on what we have now, yet wipe out the miseries of the last 10 years.”

“As the PAC and Major Project Review groups look at what to do next, they could do a lot worse than a careful perusal our report ‘Fixing NHS IT’ published last year.  It set out how to decouple the elements of NPfIT that work from those that don’t”.

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