The debate continues about the NHS reforms and the role of competition within the NHS. In reports today by the BBC, ex-health secretary Stephen Dorrell made the point that competition has been part of the NHS previously and this can be seen from hospital care to metal health. It seems that the current debate has skewed the understanding of how competition can impact the NHS. This follows on from Mr Clegg criticizing David Cameron for declaring his love for the NHS while taking advice from people talking up the potential for private profits.

David Worskett, Director of NHS Partners has also commented, “There is now a danger that if the NHS turns its back on competition, it may be depriving itself of one of the levers it needs to help it adapt and respond to the huge demographic and financial challenges it faces in the next 20 years, whilst maintaining and improving patient care.”

I believe that clear unbiased understanding of the role of competition within the NHS is needed , so that we can get back to considering how the NHS can satisfy patient needs.

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