About 2020health

2020health is an independent, social enterprise think tank whose mission is to “Make Health Personal”.

Mission Vision Action
To “Make Health Personal” – Giving people the information, understanding and confidence to take a meaningful role in their health and wellbeing, and creating the conditions for a healthy society.

Making Health Personal means:

Sustainability: Understanding individuals and their communities are essential contributors and participants in maintaining affordable healthcare.

Sharing: Empowering people through technology to develop knowledge and confidence, becoming ‘participatients’ in managing their health and supporting each other through networks.

Shaping: Designing healthcare that reflects the lived experience and culture of the individual, enabling the best possible health within their environment.

2020health works through research, evaluation, campaigning and relationships:

• Combining the experience of patients, practitioners, experts and policy makers in the public and private sectors through dynamic projects with the existing research evidence to produce recommendations and implementation plans for action.

• Using our evidence on improvement to influence the relevant leaders, practitioners and policy makers.

• Holding regular discussion events to provide thought leadership and networking.

• Publicising our work through social media and the press.

Powerful, authentic and practical ideas are generated when people with a passion for improving health come together. 2020health works with patients, clinicians, managers, politicians, industry, economists and academia to develop realistic policy plans that will improve healthcare and wellbeing. Our work is divided into WORKSTREAMS

Our income for our research comes through unrestricted educational grants, foundations and membership. We have no donors on our Board. Members receive copies of our reports, come to events and can draw on our expertise for discussion and debate.

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