“Front line staff are champions who must be tapped not sapped”- Exploring the Keogh report and what it means for the NHS

Sir Jonathan Asbridge is a Strategic Advisor for Chaucer and chairs the 2020health Integration Workstream. He has worked in Health Care in the UK National Health Service, the private sector and overseas for 35 years, including as the President for UK Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Jonathan reviews the recent Keogh report which published key findings from 14 failing hospitals and proposed a methodology to be adopted by local NHS organisations. What the recent media’s and politician’s fuss over the numerous ‘failings’ of the NHS has ignored, according to Jonathan, is that “The real trick in delivering Keogh will be for the Politicians to stop the civil servants creating jobs worth bureaucracy to “support” its implementation. This should be left to the local organisations accounting to the local public.” Meeting the recommendations will require dedicated work and commitment from staff across an organisation, from board members to front line staff.

Please click here for the full article.

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