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NHS car park charges – what’s the real issue?

I was on @daybreak TV this morning at 7.15am talking about NHS car parking charges. It’s reoccurring subject and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT and the Royal Free Hospital NHS FT were both ‘named and shamed’ as the worst offenders … Continue reading

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Open Government – Pouring Sunlight over the Department of Health

Guest Blog – Stuart Carroll “If people don’t know what you’re doing, they don’t know what you’re doing wrong”.  This was the legendary advice of the circuitous Sir Humphrey Appleby to the hapless Jim Hacker in the first ever episode … Continue reading

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NHS Culture of Fear must be destroyed

Have posted this on Centreright too. My heart goes out to the affected families…. The travesty at the centre of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust disgrace that led to hundreds of avoidable deaths and exacerbated sickness and disease amongst others … Continue reading

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