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Utopian dreams: the TPA object to evidence-based support for pregnant mums

In an ideal world, pregnant mothers wouldn’t smoke, we’d all walk to work and no one would eat junk food. On BBC Radio Kent this morning I put the rational, evidence based case for encouraging mums-to-be to quit smoking through … Continue reading

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Addiction is just too profitable to give up: Infographic on the effects of nicotine and tobacco

    Thanks to #LoveInfographics for this one. Following on from yesterday’s press on Big Tobacco pushing e-cigarettes, this graphic illustrates the impact of the nicotine, although it doesn’t show what side-effects are due to nicotine, and which are due … Continue reading

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Ban on smoking in cars: liberal individualism is a threat to individual liberty

Edmund Burke warned us: “Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains on their appetites.” In other words, freedom is a privilege that can only be sustained and deserved if we use our … Continue reading

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Plain packaging, winter deaths and Jeremy Paxman

I woke this morning to the good news that the government is to launch an independent review of cigarette packaging amid ‘amid continuing calls for action to discourage young smokers’. Sir Cyril Chantler, Chair of University College London Partners, has … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Prevention is better than cure.

The economic consequences of preventing illness are highly complex. Just comparing the costs of prevention with the direct treatment costs that should be avoided is far too simplistic. The true economic impact of preventative measures can often only be assessed … Continue reading

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