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NHS 111. Again. Is it THE problem? And how much is it costing?

Two things to me seem obvious. No doctor likes NHS 111. Secondly if you open another gate to the NHS, more people will go through it! It’s worth remembering that NHS 111 replaced NHS Direct which had one medically trained person … Continue reading

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What kind of NHS can we really have?

Julia has also written the opinion piece today’s CityAM The spotlight is on GPs – and as the 2015 election looms, it isn’t going to be switched off anytime soon. The survey that broke last week on the 30% of … Continue reading

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Public involvement in NHS inspections needs to go further

Sir Mike Richards is the new CQC Chief Inspector of Hospitals and he has announced his new plan to include patients in hospital inspection teams. This is a good idea, and means that although a hospital will know an inspection … Continue reading

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As long as you have your health…

As I write this first post for 2020health, the county remains in paroxysms about the state of its politics. But while the Westminster boil continues to burst and we wonder how to lance it for good [in both senses] I … Continue reading

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