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Political Mood Change over the NHS, Innovation and the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2011

As 2011 draws to a close now is a good time to reflect on the period since the last UK General Election in 2010. We must consider what we have done right, what we have done wrong and what remains … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: The highest standards of medical care urgently require doctors to remain up to date through Continuing Professional Development.

This week the UK regulator of doctors, the General Medical Council (GMC), has launched a consultation over the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of qualified, practising doctors. This subject is of immense importance because the pace of medical advances is such … Continue reading

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Prescribing solutions

By Dr Samantha Gan A recent inquiry by the health think tank The King’s Fund has found that doctors rely more on advice from pharmaceutical representatives and colleagues, and the internet than they do on actual medical evidence when making … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: NHS Reforms- What the UK Government Policy Changes Really Mean

There is a strong consensus amongst independent experts, medical professionals and politicians that major NHS reforms are both desirable and inevitable. Healthcare is one of mankind’s greatest priorities. An aging population and medical advances mean that healthcare expenditure is bound … Continue reading

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It’s up to the public now….

We need a revolution in health but now it’s down to the public and patients. The politicians have given in to the unions and the professionals have now to demonstrate that patients really are at the heart of that they … Continue reading

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Presenteeism vs back to work

Today’s editorial in the BMJ covers presenteeism and short term illness.   High levels of presenteeism are seen in healthcare workers, with 26% of healthcare workers surveyed reporting presenteeism in the past seven days. The dangers of presenteeism include those to … Continue reading

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Who is at the centre of patient care?

Patient choice has been on the agenda for some considerable time now. Yet today the results of the consultation on opening up GP boundaries revealed that those users who responded were keen to see greater flexibility in the system. This … Continue reading

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We musn’t lose clinical leadership

The Select Committee have spoken – more on that later. But I was reflecting that ahead of the health white paper launched on July 12th, 2010 I wrote a list of 10 things I hoped it would and wouldn’t include. … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot – NHS Reforms: Health and Social Care Bill 2011

This blog gives my initial thoughts about the eagerly awaited bill presented by Andrew Lansley on Wednesday 19th January. The Government’s plans for the reform of the NHS were generally well received last summer and during the public consultation period … Continue reading

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Prime Minister introduces the Health Bill

“Doing nothing is not an option” with the NHS was the oft-repeated phrase by the Prime Minister in the 8.10am R4 Today interview this morning. He is right. There has been unprecedented investment in the NHS and productivity has fallen. … Continue reading

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