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Obesity – a big problem but a shared responsibility

Guest Blog by Robin Millar, Acting Chief Executive, 2020health Obesity is a complex issue – like health itself, it affects how we live our daily lives, the environment in which we live and work and how we feel about ourselves. In … Continue reading

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How can A&E units improve their performance?

The first point that I must make is that I do not wish to appear unappreciative or condescending. Hospital A&E work is amongst the most important that any person can undertake and many of us would find the strain unbearable. … Continue reading

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Lifting the scales from our eyes

Guest Blog by Matt James, Senior Researcher at 2020health Whatever types of interventions are introduced to address the obesity challenge, ultimately it is only the individual who can take the necessary steps to eat healthily, keep to a healthy weight … Continue reading

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Hospital inspections: lessons to be learnt

The programme of independent hospital inspections carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) was made tougher in September 2013. During the first year to the end of August 2014 under the new arrangements 38 NHS acute trusts (each comprising … Continue reading

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Medical advisory body “NICE” should not spend too much time valuing drugs.

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (“NICE”) is currently holding a public consultation over its proposals for evaluating drugs. Drugs that are approved by NICE automatically become available for doctors to prescribe under the NHS throughout England … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Negotiations with the UK Government over pharmaceutical pricing have achieved a good result for patients, the NHS and the industry.

The UK Government and the pharmaceutical industry shared many objectives throughout the recent drug pricing negotiations. For example, there was always broad agreement that: The total future drug bill needed to be affordable in the context of other spending in … Continue reading

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Are we about to relegate washing and feeding to the unqualified?

Guest blog post by Gail Beer, Director of Operations, 2020health The Royal College  of Nursing has come out firmly against the proposal  that  those wishing to enter the nursing profession should work for a year as a Health Care Assistant. … Continue reading

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Adapting to new technologies; making the big changes to delivery of care

Contribution to 2020health’s recent report ‘Too posh to wash? Reflections on the future of nursing’ By Samantha Walker, RGN PhD, Executive Director, Research & Policy, Asthma UK Adapting to uncertainty Now that the Health Bill has passed into the statute books (Department … Continue reading

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Going, Going …. Still here! Can Sir David really Lead the NHS Lions?

By Gail Beer, Director of Operations, 2020health Yesterday’s performance by Sir David Nicholson would have confused many who work in the NHS. Here is a  leader claiming he did not know about Standardised Mortality Rates, when  the rest of the … Continue reading

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So where does Labour go on the NHS in 2013? Really Andy, that joke isn’t funny anymore.

31st January 2013, by Stuart Carroll  A new year, new promises. In the case of Labour and the NHS, more like a new year but the same old opposition. And 2013 is a key year for the politics of the … Continue reading

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