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Arrogant , regressive and out of context: GP magazine rubbishes Personal Health Budgets

The GP magazine Pulse are running  a story today on Personal Health Budgets stating that the ‘NHS allows patients to splash cash on holidays, summer houses and Wii Fits’. Out of context this sounds scandalous, but, it is out of context. … Continue reading

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Hospital inspections: lessons to be learnt

The programme of independent hospital inspections carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) was made tougher in September 2013. During the first year to the end of August 2014 under the new arrangements 38 NHS acute trusts (each comprising … Continue reading

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Reward people making healthy choices – Going with the Flow: Guardian coverage

Reward healthy people with tax rebates to save the NHS, urges thinktank ‘Payment by results’ incentives to quit smoking or manage blood sugar could help reduce burden on services, says 20/20 Health Denis Campbell, health correspondent The Guardian, Thursday 1 May … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Prevention is better than cure.

The economic consequences of preventing illness are highly complex. Just comparing the costs of prevention with the direct treatment costs that should be avoided is far too simplistic. The true economic impact of preventative measures can often only be assessed … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Do private patients in the UK help or harm the NHS?

Private medicine like private education and first-class travel can stir up feelings of resentment between the “haves” and “have-nots”. A short blog like this one has no possibility of uniting stereotypical politicians from the left and right wings of politics. … Continue reading

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Patients to access their own medical records by 2015

Earlier this week during the chancellor of the exchequer’s autumn financial statement, it was announced that not only will patients have online access to their medical records from 2015, but they will be able to see data on GP performance … Continue reading

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A choice of providers for obesity management

A paper published in the Lancet on Wednesday shows that commercial weight-loss programmes may be more effective than those provided within primary care. A study conducted in Australia, Germany, and the UK allocated patients to either 12 months of standard care or … Continue reading

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Who is at the centre of patient care?

Patient choice has been on the agenda for some considerable time now. Yet today the results of the consultation on opening up GP boundaries revealed that those users who responded were keen to see greater flexibility in the system. This … Continue reading

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Choice – what’s possible?

Choice has its limits. To meet demand and provide the public with what they should expect we have to adopt more effective ways of treating illness, targeting prevention and enable simple choices where possible. Choice cannot be universal and there … Continue reading

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Rap rebuttal

If you haven’t seen it, the Lansley rap is most impressive for having got ‘Any willing provider’ into the lyrics. Clever, but it’s plain wrong. Here’s my amateur response: You pay your money You take your choice Not in the … Continue reading

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