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The voice of nursing is loud and clear

Guest Blog from the Royal College of Nursing As we approach the General Election few issues are provoking more debate than the future of the NHS. Health care is a top priority for almost every voter, from patients and their … Continue reading

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Monday round-up: Obesity, free choice, technology and brains

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP has begun the morning tweeting about obesity apropos her conversation with Dr Hilary Cass, President of the Royal Society of Paediactrics and Child Health on Politics Home. We agree with both of them – stricter planning … Continue reading

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So where does Labour go on the NHS in 2013? Really Andy, that joke isn’t funny anymore.

31st January 2013, by Stuart Carroll  A new year, new promises. In the case of Labour and the NHS, more like a new year but the same old opposition. And 2013 is a key year for the politics of the … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Misleading, Biased Reporting on the Health and Social Care Bill in the Media

Above all the freedom of the Press is paramount. Censorship or severely restrictive legislation is not an acceptable alternative. We sometimes have to accept the consequences and tolerate a Press that can be wrong, unfair, misleading or more interested in … Continue reading

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Putting nationalised back into the NHS

4 weeks ago SoS Andy Burnham changed the ‘any willing provider’ opportunity to provide health services to NHS patients back to ‘the NHS is the preferred provider’. In other words, independent providers of NHS services, you know, the ones with … Continue reading

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