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Guest Blogspot: Misleading, Biased Reporting on the Health and Social Care Bill in the Media

Above all the freedom of the Press is paramount. Censorship or severely restrictive legislation is not an acceptable alternative. We sometimes have to accept the consequences and tolerate a Press that can be wrong, unfair, misleading or more interested in … Continue reading

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Patients to access their own medical records by 2015

Earlier this week during the chancellor of the exchequer’s autumn financial statement, it was announced that not only will patients have online access to their medical records from 2015, but they will be able to see data on GP performance … Continue reading

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The end of supermarket sweep for the NHS…

Gerry Robinson was interesting last night on his Panorama programme about NHS reforms. Maybe it was because I was mending my son’s school trousers (after 2 days back) while I watched but I seem to have missed the moment where … Continue reading

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Is it possible for NICE to be objective about pharmaceutical pricing?

Guest Blog: Barbara Arzymanow The Government appears to recognise the past shortcomings of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) but no other organisation in the UK is appropriate to make expert recommendations on the value of individual drugs.  … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot – The UK Government’s Latest Thinking on the Value-Based Pricing of Medicines

The UK Government yesterday published its detailed response to the three-month public consultation concluded in March 2011 on value-based pharmaceutical pricing. The Government has emphasised that work on the proposals is still at an early stage. The mistake made with … Continue reading

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Is the Ministerial Health Team in Need of a “Summer Signing”?

Guest Blog by Stuart Carroll  In the world of professional football, it is that time of year again.  As pre-season fast approaches, football clubs continue afoot and apace to wheel and deal in the transfer market in order to land … Continue reading

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Guest Blog by Stuart Carroll “Slip Inside the Eye of Your Mind, Don’t You Know You Might Find, A Better Place to Play” Does this title ring a bell?  “Yes”, I can hear enthusiastic fans of Britpop exclaim.  “Oasis, Don’t … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: NHS Reforms- What the UK Government Policy Changes Really Mean

There is a strong consensus amongst independent experts, medical professionals and politicians that major NHS reforms are both desirable and inevitable. Healthcare is one of mankind’s greatest priorities. An aging population and medical advances mean that healthcare expenditure is bound … Continue reading

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The NHS has to change

The RCGP has written strongly worded letter to Number 10 about the health bill – it’s all over the news today. Some parts of the government plans are welcomed, such as the greater involvement of GPs in buying and planning … Continue reading

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Pause, consult and reflect but we musn’t stop

Guest Blog by Gail Beer, Consultant Director, 2020health.org The proposed reforms to the NHS are now taking a break while the Government decides how to respond to  the numerous criticisms  and increasingly vocal and angry  NHS bodies. Undoubtedly there are … Continue reading

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