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Legal High Lies

It was terribly sad listening to the bother of a “legal high” victim on the radio this morning. The now banned N-Bomb LSD copycat drug had left his brother severely brain damaged and dependent on 24 hour care for the … Continue reading

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Addiction is just too profitable to give up: Infographic on the effects of nicotine and tobacco

    Thanks to #LoveInfographics for this one. Following on from yesterday’s press on Big Tobacco pushing e-cigarettes, this graphic illustrates the impact of the nicotine, although it doesn’t show what side-effects are due to nicotine, and which are due … Continue reading

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Big tobacco: wanting more profit from bad habits

I’ve just commented on LBC’s Iain Dale show about the report in today’s Guardian on Big Tobacco pushing for e-cigarettes to be prescribed on the NHS. The immorality of their position is staggering: the very companies who woo us to … Continue reading

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Plain packaging, winter deaths and Jeremy Paxman

I woke this morning to the good news that the government is to launch an independent review of cigarette packaging amid ‘amid continuing calls for action to discourage young smokers’. Sir Cyril Chantler, Chair of University College London Partners, has … Continue reading

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