HT&Y The Professional’s Choice Award Shortlist: Cellnovo


The Cellnovo vision is that those who rely on medical devices should benefit from the same advances in technology to improve the care they receive and to make their lives easier.

The life today of a typical Type 1 diabetes patient is a relentless daily routine of testing, tracking, calculating and journal keeping. Our vision is that through elegant design and the thoughtful integration of everyday technology into medical systems, Cellnovo can restore ease of life by providing freedom from the cumbersome, burdensome and obstructive procedures of traditional diabetes management.

The Cellnovo System is the world’s first mobile diabetes management system, including an insulin patch pump, activity monitor, cellular-enabled wireless touchscreen handset with integrated blood glucose meter and automatic connectivity to secure servers.


Judges Comments:

“The device is small and discreet allowing users to continue in their lives whilst still monitoring their insulin levels”

“The journal keeping conception is a powerful way to track your health over a period which can also help in looking into other factors in our lives that can contribute to levels dropping and changing”

“It removes the traditional treatment of diabetes making it easier for the patient”

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HT&Y The Professional’s Choice Award Shortlist: uMotif


uMotif is the leading next-generation digital platform to capture patient-generated health data for health services and clinical research. The clinically-proven platform has been deployed in 16 conditions globally capturing millions of data points to impact care. uMotif unrivalled design quality engages patients of all ages to track their symptoms outcomes experience medications and wearable-device data through digital tools they love to use. Patients using uMotif become active participants in their care & research. Through a cloud-based validated and secure system the uMotif platform is fast flexible and cost-effective helping modernise the global clinical data capture industry putting patients at the centre. We are clinically proven to help patients – stick to their medications regime – improve self-care – enhance their clinical appointments – feel more in control


Judges Comments:

“The patient is in control of their own health and they can monitoring as and when they need”

“Reminding patients to take their medicines in real-time can appeal to a wide range of target audience”

“The data being collected is safe and secure ensuring that all of our information is not being sent elsewhere or used by people we don’t know”

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HT&Y The Health Tech and Age Award Shortlist: MonitorMe


MonitorMe is a not-for-profit networked system centred around an intelligent landline telephone that captures clinically validated vital signs in accordance with the Royal College of Physicians NEWS score. It makes earlier hospital discharge possible and introduces a new way to provide long term care of the elderly and vulnerable in their own homes.
The system is controlled by your clinician/GP and is the first to access and store data on your patient record. As well as offering immediate benefits to the health provider exclusivity is our goal we do not silo data but use recognised standard measures to make it work for the individual and the community. This lays the foundations of mass data driven epidemiological decision-making and an ecosystem of novel ways to drive down healthcare costs.

Judges Comments:

“Utilising the landline telephone for the elderly to be able to monitor their vital signs”

“Easy to use for the elderly”

“Can be monitored by a health professional without the patient having to go see their GP”

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HT&Y The Health Tech and Age Award Shortlist: MIRA Rehab


The MIRA platform is an innovative software platform containing clinically based video games designed to assist the rehabilitation and physical therapy treatment by providing a fun and engaging tool.

To address the problem of ageing population and falls among older people we have developed exergames for this purpose and tested then in a clinical environment with people at high risk of falling. The exergames were specifically developed to improve strength and balance to prevent falls and improve function in older people by interactively engaging them to increase treatment uptake and adherence. This enables evidence-based personalised and cost-effective treatment in the patients private homes as well as clinics carehomes and community settings. This innovative tele-rehabilitation product (MIRA) enables an evidence-based personalised cost-effective approach that could significantly (based on comparable tools):

1) Improve patient emotional wellbeing mobility and independent living & quality of life;

2) Reduce waiting time to access physiotherapy services

3) Increase flexibility in accessing treatment exercises.


Judges Comments:

“To be able to do these exercises but have the health professional to monitor how they are being done and if there are areas of improvement to ensure that the rehabilitation process is working”

“Can be used for all of those needing rehabilitation”

“A great way to keeping the elderly entertained and active”

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HT&Y Trending Award Shortlist: Kardia Mobile


Smaller than a credit card, Kardia Mobile allows you to check you heart rhythm regularly and find out automatically in just 30 seconds if things are normal or if you should seek medical attention.

Track and Share: Capture reliable heart activity data and relay it to your doctor to inform your diagnosis and treatment plan.

More Than ECGs: Use voice memos to keep track of palpitations, shortness of breath, dietary habits and exercise patterns. Integrate with Health app and Google Fit for personal heart health insights. One-time setup and activation


Voting for the winner of the Trending Award are currently open, if you think that Kardia Mobile deserve to win the award to to fond out more click here

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HT&Y Trending Award Shortlist: LiveSmart


LiveSmart assess where you are, help you to decide your focus, then provide you with the tools and support to improve.

By offering a range of assessments that look at every aspect of your health and wellness. LiveSmart start by analysing your blood across every major system and then put that in context with your lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and mental health. Once they have got to know you the tech will create a personalised improvement plan to help you to improve.

Using only experienced NHS trained and practicing GPs who can be found in the GMC public database. And registered Dieticians who are experts behaviour change counselling across nutrition and exercise.

LiveSmart - The Trending Award.jpeg

Voting for the winner of the Trending Award are currently open, if you think that LiveSmart deserve to win the award to to fond out more click here

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HT&Y The Health Tech and Age Award Shortlist: Memrica Prompt


Prompt tackles the anxiety about forgetting that hits the confidence of active people with a memory problem, often leading to withdrawal, isolation, depression, reduced independence and stress for families. The Prompt app compiles shared histories of each user’s favourite people and places and links them to reminders to boost confidence about who will be at an event, how they know them, what they normally talk about or what’s happened at a location before. It also prompts users to update notes after events. Families can add information through a linked app or web dashboard, see at a glance how a loved one is coping and receive alerts if behaviour changes.

The service can work offline and automatically update when online. Over time, it learns users’ preferences and will bring them information when it’s most helpful.

Judges Comments:

“Helps elderly remember and go about things in their lives whilst living independently”

“It limits the opportunity of anxiety with the elderly by prompting them to do things or who people are”

“As it links with families it can create a stronger family network”

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HT&Y Trending Award Shortlist: MyAsthma


MyAsthma is an application designed to be help people living with asthma understand more about themselves and their condition with the ambition of improving how they manage their asthma.

The application does this in three key ways:

Firstly it is clinically relevant using the asthma control test (ACT) to help people understand how well controlled their asthma is. They can easily track their medicine usage, asthma attacks and other key pieces of information that helps them build an appointment plan designed to help improve communication between themselves and their healthcare professional.

Secondly it is connected to their everyday lives, it learns from their asthma triggers and combines with information such as location, weather and air quality to give helpful advice when it is needed in the right context. They can also integrate with their current wellness or fitness apps to get an even more personalised experience.

Finally it is built in collaboration with health technology expertise, pharmaceutical company support, patient insight and world leading clinical experience to be the first pharma supported Grade I Medical Device as a smartphone application, adding that greater element of trust.

Voting for the winner of the Trending Award are currently open, if you think that MyAsthma deserve to win the award to to fond out more click here


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HT&Y The Future Award Shortlist: Portable Allergen Tester


In the UK over 20000 patients are admitted to hospital each year with allergic reactions (HSCIC 2014) this is costing the NHS over 68 million a year. Half of all deaths from food-induced anaphylaxis happen in restaurants.

The Portable Allergen Tester allows users to identify allergens within a meal on a microscopic level. This product will be portable as it’s intended to be an on the go practical solution used in restaurants. It will fit seamlessly into the user’s dining experience and aims to give the user more confidence whilst eating out. The product is a preventative medical measure by reducing the likelihood of an allergic reaction. The device currently tests for lactose and outputs the results electronically; future development will look into tests for other allergens.

Judges Comments:

“Nothing like this is currently available in the sector, and there is demand given the statistics behind those who have food allergies”

“Only in the testing stage currently but there is a clear future in this product to help those with allergies”

“Cheaper than most testing products making it affordable for everyone”

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HT&Y The Future Award Shortlist: Sensewear


Sensewear is a collection of clothes and accessories that emphasise the use of senses. The collection is inspired by therapies applied to Sensory Processing Disorders.

The aim of the project is to design an inclusive collection wearable by anyone which does not stigmatise a person affected by a disorder. An underwear T-shirt gathers data through textile sensors and actuators through an application that activates other garments. Pumpme: inflatable jacket that creating a deep pressure on the wearer’s body gives a calming sensation and buffer against unwanted external sensations producing a contact-free personal space. Biteme: biteable necklace that release the stress and includes a GPS receiver. Playme: musical necklace composed by a body in which can produce sounds though pressure and movement sensors. Pullme: aromatic scarf that diffuse the aroma through an atomizer. Squeezeme: wearable scarf for emotional emergencies. Hearme: hoodie poncho that makes sounds helping to focalize the wearer’s auditory capabilities.


Judges Comments:

“Great concept that looks into how to help users and make them more comfortable”

“Clothing could expand to various styles i.e. school uniform for children who suffer from various health conditions”

“Currently being tested abroad but could get backing here in the UK if looking to pursue this market”

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