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Bad for your health: What can be done about Britain’s long hours’ culture?

Guest Blog from Working Families Recent research by Working Families shows that parents are having to work longer than their contracted hours on a regular basis¹, with fathers putting in the longest hours.  This is despite fathers wanting to play a greater … Continue reading

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Fatigue after stroke: so common, yet so little understood

Guest blog by Dr Shamim Quadir, Research Communications Manager at the Stroke Association For many reasons, we can all experience the normal type of fatigue that will usually resolve with rest. It could be due to a bad night’s sleep, or … Continue reading

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Equal treatment for Depression needs legal force

2020Health claims legal enforcement of key measures are necessary to ensure ‘parity of esteem’ and for Britain to tackle depression in the workplace. 2020Health has today published a new report, ‘Whole in One – Achieving equality of status, access and resources … Continue reading

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Just under a third of us will reach 65 “healthy”

Guest blog by Matt Hawkins, Policy and Public Affairs Assistant at the International Longevity Centre-UK Discussion at an International Longevity Centre-UK, (ILC-UK) event held on Monday, Longevity, health and public policy, revealed that only just short of a third of … Continue reading

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A fresh start for CCG staff – in sickness and in health

By Julia Manning. Originally published by Pulse, 21st January. CCGs represent a fresh start, not just for what and how services are commissioned, but also for how the wellbeing of staff is supported. They take over in a system not renowned … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Management Priorities in the NHS under the Health and Social Care Act

Basic economics relating to the pressures on the NHS led to the need for reform culminating in the Health and Social Care Act. The financial challenges faced by any healthcare system are strongly influenced by rising life expectancy without a … Continue reading

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Sunday trading fails Cameron’s family test

First published 19 March, 2012, on Mail Online Before the last election, David Cameron said that he knew that ‘reviving society’ was as important as reviving the economy. He talked about transferable tax allowances for married couples to recognise the … Continue reading

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Reducing Sick Notes – Why the Government Should Accept the Recommendations from the Sickness Absence Review

Guest Blog By Stuart Carroll Followers of the BBC comedy programme ‘Mock the Week’ will be aware of the “If this is the answer what is the question” round.  Dara O’Brian provides an answer and Hugh Dennis et al have … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: The highest standards of medical care urgently require doctors to remain up to date through Continuing Professional Development.

This week the UK regulator of doctors, the General Medical Council (GMC), has launched a consultation over the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of qualified, practising doctors. This subject is of immense importance because the pace of medical advances is such … Continue reading

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Health, work and retirement

In the last 2 weeks 2020health have been holding workshops in various parts of the country to discuss health and work and what councils and Health and Wellbeing Boards can do to encourage healthy workplaces and the return to work … Continue reading

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