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Baby Boomer women and tech – new report

Guest blog by Kathy Mason Associate, 2020health Elder care with technology appeals most to Baby Boomer women Two thirds of 55-75 year olds would be interested in using technology to help their parents as they get older. Help with medication, memory, … Continue reading

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Do you ‘Know your Numbers’?

Guest Blog by Katharine Jenner, Chief Executive at Blood Pressure UK High blood pressure is the UK’s biggest silent killer with 16 million people in the country suffering from the condition. Worryingly though, as it is symptomless, only half of … Continue reading

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Health Tech and You: Helping to reach a tipping point

By Matt James, Senior Researcher at 2020health In our previous blog we were looking at the value of the personalised health agenda. But having vision and developing policy based on that vision is one thing. Identifying the ‘how to’ steps to … Continue reading

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Top 5 Worst Celebrity Diets to Avoid in 2015

In anticipation of our gaining a few pounds over the next few weeks, we are delighted that the BDA has done the ground work and highlighted the diets to avoid come the New Year urge to undo the damage. Here are the … Continue reading

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Message to the SoS: Personal Health Records not a paperless NHS needs to be the focus

By 7.30am this morning various doctors had already taken to the twitter airways bemoaning the latest health headline: Jeremy Hunt wants the NHS to be paperless by 2018. We will all know why – echoes of the National Programme for … Continue reading

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Painkillers and presumption

The NHS we are told today is spending £440m on painkillers. As we all know, whether we have a headache, backache, toothache or a trapped nerve, pain relief is a god-send. But when we can buy paracetamol at 20p a … Continue reading

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Driving patient access to health records

In most areas of life we expect to understand the things that are known about us – if we need to know how much money we have in the bank, we check our bank account, if we want to know … Continue reading

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It’s always someone else’s fault

The private sector is being blamed in the Telegraph for wasting tax payers money – being paid for operations that didn’t take place. But shouldn’t the blame lie with those who negotiated the contracts and the managers who didn’t use … Continue reading

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Care planning and self care dramatically reduce acute admissions

Whilst it is widely agreed that healthcare delivery needs to change in order for it to be sustainable, there is widespread inertia in such a large organisation as the NHS against achieveing that change.  Now new findings suggest that, in … Continue reading

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Alcohol – the simple facts

Alcohol has been in the news again.  BMA Scotland published a study showing that alcohol was a factor in 6 per cent of all GP consultations.  The health risks of alcohol are well known amongst professionals, with alcohol strongly linked to cancers and … Continue reading

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