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What have junior doctors and Norman Lamb got in common?

Quite simply, it is an understanding of the need for politicians to consider a realistic funding settlement for health and care services, delivered by high quality professionals, that the public expect and a civilised society should provide. This afternoon Norman Lamb MP … Continue reading

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NHS Costs and charging: Publicity, shame and complexity

Commenting on today’s press about Jeremy Hunt has created waves with his new plan to state the cost of medicines on the label and with his comment last night (July 2nd) on Question Time that he is not opposed to … Continue reading

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Where will the money come from to connect the NHS?

Guest Blog by 2020health Consultant Director, John Cruickshank Published in November 2014, ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020’ sets out a framework for action around the exploitation and adoption of digital healthcare.   The document has been prepared by the National Information … Continue reading

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Why isn’t the NHS taking fraud more seriously?

It’s surely common knowledge now that the NHS is under massive cost pressures. This weekend saw the Royal College of GPs up its publicity campaign with alarming warnings that GPs will become ‘extinct’ if they don’t get a greater share … Continue reading

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Age should not be a factor in cancer treatment

For Christmas my daughter bought me Jodie Picoult’s moving novel ‘My Sister’s keeper’, the story of a girl who is genetically selected to be born as a bone-marrow donor match to treat her older sister Kate’s leukemia. Kate relapses as … Continue reading

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NHS finances in urgent need of accurate controls:

 Guest Blog by Andrew McHugh Medical Practice Director Oxfordshire How many of us would pay a restaurant or hotel bill without checking that we had been charged for what we had actually used? I would hazard a guess not many, … Continue reading

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NHS car park charges – what’s the real issue?

I was on @daybreak TV this morning at 7.15am talking about NHS car parking charges. It’s reoccurring subject and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT and the Royal Free Hospital NHS FT were both ‘named and shamed’ as the worst offenders … Continue reading

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The Lewisham decision is one we can’t afford

I’ve just be on Radio 5 Live talking about the decision by a High Court Judge to quash the government’s decision to reduce services at Lewisham Hospital on the grounds that it is unlawful. By all accounts the government had … Continue reading

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NHS rationing: we need honest politicians to tackle the taboos

I’ve just taken part in a discussion on BBC Radio Kent on the emotive topic of IVF on the NHS. No one can deny, including myself from personal experience, that trying to conceive for some couples is an emotional rollercoaster. … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: The Pharmaceutical Industry – Friend or Foe?

Recent months have seen publicity over examples of disgraceful behaviour by pharmaceutical companies. The question arises as to whether the failings have been rare and exceptional or whether they are indicative of generally low moral standards in the industry. Pharmaceutical … Continue reading

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