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School food, backs, work and nurses – what we are thinking…

Why do we make food so complicated? New DfE guidelines for school food are supposed to be simpler, will be mandatory for some and not others but we are are unclear as to whether they have  closed loopholes. We visited … Continue reading

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Medical advisory body “NICE” should not spend too much time valuing drugs.

The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (“NICE”) is currently holding a public consultation over its proposals for evaluating drugs. Drugs that are approved by NICE automatically become available for doctors to prescribe under the NHS throughout England … Continue reading

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2020health calls for to be postponed and replaced by an opt-in system

We had a huge amount of interest in our fringe event held on Tuesday at the Conservative Party Conference on privacy and electronic health records. We are vocal advocates of electronic health records (EHR) and the potential for technology to … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Waiting for Decisions on UK Pharmaceutical Pricing

Little has been heard over how confidential talks between the Government and the pharmaceutical industry are progressing towards the goal of having a new, voluntary UK drug pricing system in place in 2014. In the eyes of the pharmaceutical companies … Continue reading

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Health and Wellbeing Boards: Good mental health for the new year

Local councils and health and wellbeing boards can improve mental health in their communities.   It is estimated that some £30 billion is lost nationally each year due to poor mental health. Due, in no small part, to poor work … Continue reading

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Cancer Commissioning: Networks need to stay

Without having to think very hard, I can name five of my friends who in their forties have been diagnosed with cancer. For all our sophisticated medicine, cancer remains the leading cause of premature death. Last week we heard from … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: The NHS needs outstanding management as well as a legal framework, for example, to unlock the potential of the property portfolio.

The potential for improved efficiency in delivering effective healthcare within the framework of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 is enormous.  However, there will be no benefit without the management skills needed to take up the challenges. Many future … Continue reading

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The Health and Social Care Bill: Final Stages in Parliament

With opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill having reached new heights, we must look behind the rhetoric and remember basic principles. The most important point to remember is that the NHS exists to provide the best possible, affordable … Continue reading

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Safety before politics – Chase Farm downgrade is right

On February 14th I blogged about closing children’s heart surgery units that were unsafe. That post is reproduced below. Today we have heard that Chase Farm hospital maternity and A&E units are to close. Ask most people in the NHS … Continue reading

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Training and Perception – Commissioning fears.

Guest Blog by Dr Iseult Roche  New GP trainees, at the beginning of their careers, are entering an area of health care which is at the heart of the most significant developments in the Health and Social Care Bill. The … Continue reading

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