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Ovarian Cancer – Make women AND GPs more aware of the symptoms

Guest Blog by Annwen Jones, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer In March every year, women with ovarian cancer, their family and friends, the ovarian cancer charities, health professionals, corporates and more all come together for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month … Continue reading

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The biggest cancer you’ve never heard of

Guest Blog by Chris West, Head of Media & Public Affairs at Bloodwise Being given the news you have cancer is one of the most devastating things you can hear.  People who have gone through it talk about the shock, … Continue reading

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The next government must make high quality cancer care a priority during, and after, the upcoming general election

Guest Blog by Ellie Rose, Public Affairs Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support There are now 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK. By 2020, this is estimated to rise to 3 million. And by the end of next year … Continue reading

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The Cancer Drugs Fund is a symptom of the bigger problem

Back in October 2010 when the coalition government desperately needed a diversion from the storm brewing over their healthcare reforms, they announced the new £50m cancer drugs fund (CDF). Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for health at the time said … Continue reading

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Age should not be a factor in cancer treatment

For Christmas my daughter bought me Jodie Picoult’s moving novel ‘My Sister’s keeper’, the story of a girl who is genetically selected to be born as a bone-marrow donor match to treat her older sister Kate’s leukemia. Kate relapses as … Continue reading

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Guest Blogspot: Negotiations with the UK Government over pharmaceutical pricing have achieved a good result for patients, the NHS and the industry.

The UK Government and the pharmaceutical industry shared many objectives throughout the recent drug pricing negotiations. For example, there was always broad agreement that: The total future drug bill needed to be affordable in the context of other spending in … Continue reading

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Plain packaging, winter deaths and Jeremy Paxman

I woke this morning to the good news that the government is to launch an independent review of cigarette packaging amid ‘amid continuing calls for action to discourage young smokers’. Sir Cyril Chantler, Chair of University College London Partners, has … Continue reading

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In cancer, reality must take precedence over fantasy

Guest blog by Dominic Nutt, Director of Communications, The Saatchi Cancer Initiative. Dominic spoke at 2020health’s Party Conference fringe event Commercialising Innovation in the NHS. Last year, thousands of women died of cancer. This year thousands more will die. Next year, more … Continue reading

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