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Shout Loud Depressed Reformers – Your NHS Needs You By Stuart Carroll

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a talk by Professor David Colin-Thome, the former Primary Care Clinical Lead at the Department of Health.  Although being a self-declared Labour man – more “new” than “old” I hasten to add … Continue reading

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Re-Humanisation: The Doctor-Patient Relationship

This month the American Medical Association published an article asking Does Health Information Technology dehumanize the Doctor- Patient relationship? This piqued my interest, as it runs parallel to health technology uptake failures in the UK and questions about quality of … Continue reading

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Reasses the Public Sector Sicknote Culture

The Evening Standard’s headlines last night attacked the sicknote culture of civil servants at the “heart of Government”. Their appraisal does not ask why this might be the case or what a solution could look like. This piece was co-opted … Continue reading

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Broken Down: Families, Government strategies and mental health

Last week the Government pledged £400m over the next 4 years to extending talking therapies for children, young people and people with long term conditions. Though this initiative is to be welcomed, a report last week from the Centre of … Continue reading

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Innovation and the Health Bill

The success of the North West Exemplar Programme was hailed last week for the NHS being among the best in Europe for Pharmaceutical research. Its aim has been to create ‘new capacity and capability for research in the UK’. This … Continue reading

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Health Bill Headlines

This week has been fraught with health headlines, significant in that – not since July when the White Paper was published, has the spotlight been put on proposals. Although steady in terms of specialist news coverage – mainstream media have … Continue reading

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Primary Care reforms and the role of Pharmacists

The London School of Pharmacy launched its New Year’s open discussion about the future of pharmacy in the midst of NHS reforms. This discussion featured a prominent panel of speakers including Professor Sir Nicholas Wald and Dr Panos Kanavos, chief … Continue reading

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Old is the new new: What does aspirin mean for public health?

According to Professor Karol Sikora in the Telegraph yesterday,  aspirin’s newly discovered anti-cancer properties “will prove to be useful, but let’s not think we’ve discovered a panacea – the future of cancer care is much more interesting than that.” Here … Continue reading

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NHS Staff wellbeing with an Olympic athlete

An Olympic athlete inspired NHS nurses and midwives to live more healthy lifestyles in a ground-breaking project at the Homerton Hospital. Sponsored by the drinks company Coca-Cola Great Britain, Shani Anderson, who competed in the Sydney Olympics and won bronze … Continue reading

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NHS PROM-ing and Patient Satisfaction

This week’s hot topic has been about how do PROMs (patient reported outcome measures) become a quality measurement of NHS services AND THEN AGAIN how this translates into informed decision-making? The PROM is a questionnaire filled in by a patient … Continue reading

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