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2020health calls for to be postponed and replaced by an opt-in system

We had a huge amount of interest in our fringe event held on Tuesday at the Conservative Party Conference on privacy and electronic health records. We are vocal advocates of electronic health records (EHR) and the potential for technology to … Continue reading

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Simon Stevens says some sensible stuff

It was refreshing to listen to Simon Stevens, NHS England CEO, yesterday in front of the Health Select Committee. He didn’t have pat answers to all the questions posed to him by MPs, but even the lack of obfuscation was … Continue reading

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Is section 119 wrong…

Having been submerged under Syria, floods and Sochi, Healthcare has emerged again like spring daffodils to be the talk of the news. Dorrell and Burnham slogged it out yesterday on Radio 4’s Today over section 119 and the vote was … Continue reading

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Losing public confidence is a huge risk to the NHS and to research

I have previously written on NHS England’s initiative, which will see the nation’s GP medical records uploaded to a national database that can then be accessed by research organisations, commissioners and commercial companies (for a price). The problems were … Continue reading

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