November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Guest blog from Pancreatic Cancer UK


 Did you know that pancreatic cancer is poised to overtake breast cancer as the 4th deadliest in the UK? Or that is has the worst five-year survival rates of the 21 most common cancers? If 100 people in a room were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, only 4 of them would be in that room in five years’ time.

 Well, you may not have know the stats before now, but you can certainly help raise greater awareness of the disease and help Pancreatic Cancer UK as we strive to increase survival rates. Awareness Month 2013 sees the launch of our new campaign: Every Life Matters. We believe that every life lost to pancreatic cancer matters, and we want to create a better future for every single person diagnosed with the disease. Here’s how you can get involved with Pancreatic Cancer UK this November:

–          Contact your MP and invite them to our Day of Action on 25th November in Westminster

–          Raise awareness online by sharing our animated infographic

–          Raise funds by holding your own Host for Hope event

And if you get involved – don’t forget to tell us all about it! You’ll find us on Twitter and Facebook – so join #TeamPanCanUK this November and help show that #EveryLifeMatters!



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