Electronic Medical Records – whose information is it anyway

Today is our final event at the Conservative Party Conference. Come and join us at the Hilton Deansgate Hotel to discuss electronic medical records and data security with Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, The Rt Hon David Davies MP and others.

9.00 am Electronic Medical Records – whose information is it anyway?

In January 2013 Jeremy Hunt announced his ambition of achieving a ‘paperless’ NHS by 2018 and the benefits of the widespread adoption of technology in health care are becoming clearer. It is an essential component in the transformation of the cost and quality of patient care. Moreover, technology is increasingly an inescapable part of our way of life.

  • How are Electronic Personal Health Records challenging norms about who owns our medical data?
  • Whose responsibility is it to make sure users of their products understand the risks the patient is taking by entering their information into an online site?
  • Should we be demanding that the Department for Health establish far more stringent safeguards to ensure our medical records are protected before progress is made in this area? Are we doing enough to take to protect patients from cyber threats and data security issues?
  • Or are we using data security as an excuse to the self-digitalization of patients?
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