2020health comment on the Berwick Review into patient safety

Following the release of Professor Don Berwick’s review into patient safety, Gail Beer, Director of Operations at 2020health comments:

“ I have mixed feelings about this review. We welcome a report which strives to drive patient safety and  increase transparency in the NHS. Many of Berwick’s recommendations are sound. We certainly should be encouraging a culture of no blame and the regulatory bodies should be working more closely together. It is however, disappointing that he has stopped short of support Francis’ call for a Duty of Candour. We strongly believe that it this that would make a difference in how the NHS is managed and governed.

What me must guard against, is that this becomes just another report.  It has been 5 months since the release of the Francis report and since then we have seen the release of the Keogh report, the Cavendish Review and now this. We understand the problem. We now need to start delivering the solutions before the public loses more confidence in the NHS.

Finally, we need to remember that there are a lot of people doing extremely good work in the NHS. We need to make sure they are supported to carry on delivering high quality patient care during these difficult times.”

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