Recommended limits – understanding the risks of alcohol

Doctors have called for separate daily and weekly drinking limits to address different populations. This comes in response to a select committee investigation into the guidelines on alcohol consumption.

2020health have also argued for the reinstatement of weekly limits and have suggested that there are different types of drinkers who need to be targeted in different ways. A daily limit is needed for those who binge drink and get drunk, but for those who drink little and often (or not so little and often) a weekly limit is more helpful.

Our report, to be published at the end of October, looks at risky drinkers – those who drink most days, at home or out with friends, and despite not getting drunk still end up drinking above weekly recommended limits.

Risky drinking carries many of the same dangers as smoking – it increases the risk of several cancers, as well as liver disease and heart disease, however in our culture this risk not acknowledged and such talk is seen as scaremongering. Better education is needed of the risks of drinking, so that people can make their own decision as to how much they want to drink, but in full knowledge of the harm that it can do.

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