What is a good job for health?

Most of us need to work in order to pay the bills, but work is said to be good for our health, as well as our bank balances. With the current unemployment figures remaining high at 7.7%, many people will be happy to get any job, but what kind of work is really good for us?

So what makes a good job?

  • A feeling of control and security
  • Diversity of work
  • Fair rewards
  • Fair procedures
  • Social capital

And a good workplace?

  • A safe workplace – compliance with health and safety
  • Initiatives in the workplace to improve health and wellbeing e.g. encouraging physical activity, provision of healthy food
  • Good management of health issues amongst staff, including mental health
  • Provision of guidance on health within the workplace

With the current climate of job cuts and salary cuts, it is important that those responsible for the wellbeing of their employees take as much care as possible to ensure that their health is not affected by the changes.  Increased health and happiness at work increases productivity and is of benefit to the organisation in the long term.

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