Without Telehealth the NHS will fail

In our Future Forum response we said:

It should be expected that managers and clinicians alike adopt modern technology at scale into new pathways and this should be reflected in the reimbursement system. We know this isn’t covered in the Bill but there has to be an urgent push to transform the way we deliver care. How we deliver care now is unsustainable in terms of the inefficient use of the workforce and the rising demand due to an ageing population.

We honestly believe that unless we embrace technology and use time and money much more carefully, the NHS will fail to deliver the care that it should to the most vulnerable in society, and miss a massive opportunity to help people take more control over their health.

This is why we have teamed up with the RCGP to run a Telehealth Summit next week. Speakers will show how they have transformed care and what the opportunities are from the consulting room into the community and into the home. Details are on our website – let us know if you’d like to be a part of our campaign to deliver Healthcare without Walls.


About Julia Manning

Julia studied visual science at City University and became a member of the College of Optometrists in 1991. Her career has included being a visiting lecturer in at City University, visiting clinician at the Royal Free Hospital, working with Primary Care Trusts and a Director of the UK Institute of Optometry. She also specialised in diabetes and founded Julia Manning Eyecare, a practice for people with mental and physical disabilities. In 2005 she was a candidate in the general election in a seat she was guaranteed not to win, and in 2006 she established 2020health.org, an independent Think Tank that seeks to both improve individual health and create the conditions for a healthy society. 2020health research publications have covered alcohol, telehealth, employment, the economy, pricing of medicines, biotechology, NHS reform and fraud. Julia is a regular commentator in the media.
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