The North- South divide!

The North- South divide!

BBBC research has revealed that a North – South divide exists in spending on Social Care in England following the Governments spending review. Adult social care spending will fall by an estimated 4.7% to £3.4bn in the North in 2011/12 and rise by 2.7% to £3.33bn in the South.

But what has also been highlighted by this piece of research by the BBC, is that the budgets of the surveyed councils are to be cut by 2.6%, from £9.79bn to £9.54bn in the current financial year.

The minister Mr Burstow said: “The Government is putting an extra £2bn into social care by 2014 to encourage the NHS and adult social care to work together and protect the most vulnerable in society”.

“Some councils are making changes like sharing back office services, and caring for people in their own homes instead of expensive residential care. By making these types of changes councils can protect frontline services”.

It is concerning that these cuts are being made that affect venerable people. This raises questions of the future of Social care services and how spending and budgets are to be allocated for health services

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