Attitudes to drinking

We have had problems with alcohol in this country for a long time – apparently the Normans complained about the excess drinking of the Anglo-Saxons back in the middle ages.

Nevertheless our attitude to alcohol seems to have changed in recent years – alcohol is more available and heavy drinking seen as more normal than 50 years ago.

So how can we improve our relationship with alcohol? Today Alcohol Concern have suggested that alcohol should be restricted to a separate part of the supermarket, as used to be the case, rather than placed close to food or near to the checkout.

What other differences might change how we view alcohol?  Here are a few suggestions…

  • A ban on drinking on TV?
  • Changes to accessibility to alcohol, restricting hours for sales in shops, restricting pub opening times?
  • No drinking outside in public places?
  • Highlighting the number of calories in alcohol
  • Further investigation into the causes of drinking – why do we feel the need to drink?
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