Better care earlier

The Alzheimer’s Society’s new report, “Support. Stay. Save.” revealed that many dementia sufferers and carers are not receiving adequate domiciliary care to meet their needs. This lack of support at home leads to increases in hospital admissions and entry into care homes earlier than necessary.  Lack of support for carers leaves them at risk of serious illness.

This is not only a problem affecting those suffering from dementia, but is widespread.

The current system of social care funding, which targets only those with the highest need, is leading to many people becoming unable to cope and dependent on others much earlier than necessary. Funding available needs to be used more efficiently to tackle problems early and prevent further need developing.  Supporting people to remain in their homes and supporting unpaid carers to look after those in need of care, is much more cost effective than paying for NHS care and intensive social care when the condition deteriorates.

At 2020health we will shortly be bringing out our own report on the funding of social care – watch this space!

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