Tai Chi for falls prevention

One of the solutions continually suggested to help relieve the pressure on the NHS is that of prevention of health problems before they happen.  Encouraging us to live healthy lives and look after ourselves should help to relieve the pressure on the NHS and social services.  The latest suggestion in the prevention agenda is today’s suggestion that the elderly should take up Tai Chi in order to prevent falls.

The American Geriatrics Society and the British Geriatrics Society yesterday published their updated guidelines on preventing falls, in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. In addition to medical factors such as reducing medications, and managing blood pressure and heart conditions, suggestions include: “interventions which include exercise for balance, gait and strength training, such as Tai Chi or physical therapy”.

Perhaps in a world where GP consortia will work more closely with Directors of Public Health and Local Authorities, such activities as Tai Chi classes for the elderly could be provided at local community centres, both creating a social activity and aiding health and wellbeing at the same time.

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