Changing hospitals, Changing care

NHS hospital activity has increased by 38% in the last ten years. The biggest rises are disproportionately as follows (NHS Information Centre):

  • 3,642,940 stays for patients aged 60 to 74; a 48 per cent rise on 1999/2000 (2,463,170)
  • 3,837,990 stays for patients aged 75 and over, a 66 per cent rise on 1999/2000 (2,308,480).

NHS Information Centre chief executive Tim Straughan said, “It is clear that the effects of England’s aging population are being felt in secondary care”.

In Counsel+Care’s report, they announce ten ways to spend smartly for better care, including telecare and telemonitoring.

Long term funding of social care will be about pre-emption thereby limiting costly late stage interventions. Where there is potential for a reduction in the number of hospital days to go hand in hand with better patient centred care.

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