Labour Conference asks who pays?

Sitting in a crowded room on the third day on Labour Party Conference 2010. In the Manchester ‘Gmax’ in a drafty marquee away from the main auditorium, 5 key commentator’s grapple with an issue….One so big that no one as yet has come up with a workable answer.

All that becomes evermore apparent is “we just don’t know”.The subject is of course social care. Where there is no vouch of confidence is to be found.

It’s it hoped that Dilnot’s social care review will provide an evidence base for the Coalition’s decision. One that has not ruled out general taxation.

Imelda Redmond, Chief Executive of Carers UK, speaking at this event raised one continual theme. There is more involved in social care than the financial. The human equation has yet to be factored in.

Barbara Keeley MP, Labour MP for Worsley and Eccles South, commenting on the move to the personalisation of services said this was dependent on 6 key factors including prevention, telecare, intermediate services, advice services, self directed support and the partnership of the NHS with Social Care.

If you look at the measly budget of £16bn compared with the NHS’s mammoth £105bn, this is not an unfair comment. So to the NHS is ringfenced and LA’s  budgets (who provide care at the moment) will be largely affected.

We know that  Society will pay either way. I look forward to hearing how sustainable any proposed solution will be.

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