The Work Stress Balance

In a recent study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists revealed that out of a sample of 3000, more than a third worked through their lunch breaks and a quarter took no lunch break at all. In our recent research, Health, disease and unemployment: the Bermuda Triangle of Society 2020health attempts to unravel the British attitude to work. Although admittedly often we don’t view missed breaks as a health risk, working in the same position for any great length of time can lead to chronic pain.

Estimates of working ages ill health and sickness are estimated to be as high as £100 bn annually. At least some of this can be recouped by the employer by reducing sickness absense and making staff healthier and happier.

Stress is often an accepted part of western working life…but this should not be the case.  High pressured working might not be something we can change – (expect no four day working weeks anytime soon!) but we can change our attitudes to appreciate stress.

Health, disease and unemployment: the Bermuda Triangle of Society by Jonathan Shapiro, Julia Manning and Emma Hill will be available online next week.

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