Branded vs. generic debate continues

The debate around cutting costs had taken a view that by swapping branded drugs for generics will somehow help the NHS make £20 billion of savings, is disproportionate and ill informed. In a really interesting survey carried out by the Health Service Journal of 329 parliamentary candidate, of which there was two-thirds support for banning branded drugs. Although chemically no different, generic companies do not invest in research, and though paying for a brand seems ill conceived on a public service – it is actually an investment in innovation. Again short-termism abounds. Not to mention that the drugs budget is less than 10% and though savings will need to be made here as much as the next area – a complete boycott of branded drugs is likely to have consequences on the development of our future medicines. I think there needs to be less of a slash and burn attitude. No one said cuts were going to be easy.

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