‘Slash and burn’ – not the way forward

The RCN has revealed that our health service will be subjected to 5,600 jobs at risk at an attempt to find between £15 and £20 billion in efficiency savings over the next three years – a venture to save money.  When will they realise that this ‘slash and burn’ technique to vital care services is not the only way to save money? It’s obvious that it will instead create bigger problems financially in the long term. More must be done to protect frontline staff and the life saving care they deliver to patients. We are constantly being reassured that the NHS budget will be protected, yet in reality trusts are being forced to make major cuts at dangerous levels with resources and staff numbers, no doubt we will see increases in the near future. The RCN only recently released a survey showing that some nurses take annual leave or self fund their basic training in life support and infection control because of cuts to funding. A more efficient and less damaging way of saving money, resources and jobs must be developed with the long-term in mind. Without proper funding, and the pressure to make efficiency saving ASAP, slashing budgets isn’t going to solve the problem, it’s only going to create new ones and dig the hole deeper.

Pawandeep K Kahlon

2020health researcher

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