Train Our Nurses!

The Royal College of Nurses yesterday unveiled that a third of nurses are unable to access core training; and the reasons for this? Staff shortages and a lack of appropriate cover are to blame. These resource shortages come up time and time again in our healthcare system; when the economic situation is poor, managers start making cuts. These cuts are now extending to healthcare training and we need our nurses to have the adequate skills required in providing good care. Janet Davies, executive director of nursing and service delivery for the RCN, said that nurses must be trained in child protection and issues such as infection control. Proper training in these areas could save lives and it is for this reason that the RCN are rightly calling for protected training time and safer staffing levels. The survey conducted that a dismal 56% of nurses felt they were up to date with their training. Moreover, some nurses were found to be taking annual leave or even self funding their training in basic life support and infection control – training that should be easily accessible and free. These nurses should be commended for the dedication they show and the time they give up to learn, though doing this is unpractical and difficult, and disgraceful that nurses have had to resort to self training and funding because they are not getting the proper support they need and deserve.

Pawandeep K Kahlon

2020health Researcher

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