Preferred provider pandemonium – But choice prevails

The NHS as ‘preferred provider’ policy is now in what HSJ editor, Richard Vize describes as its “death throes”. The policy promised existing NHS providers preference over alternatives – even if it meant worst service for patients.

Legally, it threatened a breach of European procurement law and so it seems the move had been reversed. The preferred provider as not just a legal worry however. It had potential to compromise quality of care, it is also disheartening. It signified a lack of faith from our own government in the NHS to win people’s faith without weighted dice.

Finally we hope that everyone is agreed, patients are entitled to choice. Preference should only ever mean that of the patients’.


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One Response to Preferred provider pandemonium – But choice prevails

  1. Liz Chukwu says:

    Whilst I agree wholeheartedly about patient choice being paramount, I am mindful that the NHS will consistently aim for the cheaper alternatives at the risk of sacrificing quality of service as you mention in your blog, Emma.

    Let’s be realistic about this, as much as I feel so blessed to live in a country that provides free healthcare, it’s really not a bottomless pit and something will have to give eventually and excellent patient care is the cost. A health system that encourages all of us to contribute to a service that we all value and cherish and to look more closely at the abusers of our system would be much more beneficial in the long run.

    Thank you for contributing this blog, it has got me thinking.

    Kind regards


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