Factoring humans into the health equation

Recently the HSJ announced a new discussion paper by NESTA titled The Human Factor. The paper claims, through the uptake of its recommendations, to be able to save the NHS something in the order of £20billion over the next 4 years. This report explores how saving money, sustaining quality, transforming healthcare and saving lives do not have to be exclusionary principle, but can be harmonious and naturally good business sense.The key words in everyones mind are “value” and “patient centred innovation”.

How!? Simply – needs must. Not to mention that Studies show that user-centric services are more innovative and productive. NESTA’s advice is hinged on a greater fous on self management and preventative medicine. This means that the NHS needs to open up to new collaberations and explore patient’s ‘user’ requirements.

Livening the 2020health stream of responsibility in healthcare, this report confirms further that patient focused preventative measures, if handled intelligently, can make a tremendeous difference to our collective healthcare bill.

For further information please see the full report at,


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